How To Send A Email Using Gmail

Written March 10th, 2014
How To Send A Email Using Gmail

How to Send a Email Using Gmail

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Mahalo’s software expert Ken O’Brien explains how to send an email from your Gmail account. 

Sending an Email

You can send emails from your Gmail account to any person with an email address. 1. In the Gmail window, click on Compose Mail in the left sidebar. 2. A new message window will open for you to fill in. 
* In the box labeled To, enter the recipient’s email address. Double check to make sure you’ve typed it correctly. 

* In the box labeled Subject, enter a short description of the message’s contents. You aren’t required to fill in the Subject box. 

* Write your message in the large text box below. 

3. When you’re finished with the message, click Send at the top or bottom of the message box. The email will be sent to the recipient. 

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How To Attach A File In Gmail

Written March 10th, 2014
How To Attach A File In Gmail

How to send a file through Gmail – ( How to Attach a file to an email ) – IT and Iced Tea

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Welcome to IT & Iced Tea video tutorial how to send a file through Gmail. The video reviews the basics that is essential navigate through your email account and sending the attachment in an email. Sending an attachment seems simple and it is once you learn how. Computers are nothing more than a tool to make your life simpler. Once you learn how to use email and how to send an attachment, you will find out it is even easier than sending a letter to your friend and a lot less expensive. Thanks for watching and please subscribe to our youtube channel and feel free to comment on future videos you would like to see IT and Iced Tea do.

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Reducing Email Attachment Sizes With Compression

Written March 10th, 2014
Reducing Email Attachment Sizes With Compression

Reducing Email Attachment Sizes With Compression


B/MB/GB/TB Converter

Additional Info:
ZIP files
RAR files
Data Compression


How to Manage your Contacts in Gmail

Written February 19th, 2014

gmailHow to Manage your Contacts in Gmail

Google Contacts grow far beyond their use within Gmail. They come back in Google Docs and can easily also be synchronized with an Android phone.

When you initially begin using it though, your own contact list is going to be disorganized and really perplexing, along with lost, unnecessary and duplicate contacts.

By using the “Contact Manager” to handle contacts in Gmail, Google’s no cost Internet e-mail program, you can easily and simply make brand new contacts and modify or even remove existing email contacts. By clicking the “Contacts” link located on the left side of any Gmail page you can store, access and control how you want to utilize all your email contacts in Google’s version of an online address book.

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Gmail Tutorial – Sending and Receiving Emails

Written February 11th, 2014

gmail_logo_stylizedGmail Tutorial – Sending & Receiving Emails

This video will cover how to compose, send and receive emails in Gmail.

Gmail Topics Covered:

- Composing and formatting new emails
- Adding CC and BCC recipients
- Adding attachments to emails
- Receiving, replying and forwarding emails
- Additional options when sending and receiving emails

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Gmail Tutorial 2013 – Email Organization and Labels

Written February 6th, 2014

gmail_logo_stylizedGmail Tutorial 2013 – Email Organization and Labels

In this video, we will discuss how to organize emails and label them according to your needs.

Labels assist you to arrange your emails into groups — work, family, to do, study later, jokes, recipes, any group you desire. Labels carry out everything in which directories do, however with an additional benefit: you can include more than one to a message.

Only you are able to see your labels, so regardless of whether you tag a message with “Best friend” or “Read later,” the email sender will never know.

Create a label

Here are simple steps how you can create a label that you can add to one of your emails:

On the left side of the page, click More at the bottom of your labels list. (If you don’t see “More,” grab the gray dividing line with your cursor and drag it down to show more labels.)

Click Create new label.

Type the name of your new label and click Create.

You can also create a new label for a message in your Inbox by selecting the box next to the message, clicking the Label button above your message list, and then clicking Create new.


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