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Microsoft Office vs OpenOffice – LibreOffice

Written February 6th, 2014

software-osMicrosoft Office vs OpenOffice / LibreOffice

For many people, Microsoft Office Word is symbolic of word processing generally. They just don’t understand or care that there was once a software program just like WordPerfect, or that many people work with LibreOffice, AbiWord, and also numerous other programs. For them, .doc is all they understand and definately will ever open. Do not even attempt to induce them with .rtf files, you will get into some serious trouble.

In this fact, you have to work with these people, occasionally, if the count of affected customers surpasses one. There’s a chance you’re made to send them your text files. Then when I say text, this means a binary file format of some type used by a word processing software. When I say word processing, I mean Word. Microsoft, Office, Word.

Since Oracle is hated in the open-source online community, and most of the time for a valid reason, OpenOffice ceased becoming a software preferred by people who needed a free office suite, and it became LibreOffice. The two are very similar, although LibreOffice has seen more development recently. Therefore, for people who are fond of free programs, they will most likely be using LibreOffice to create their documents.

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Computer courses for beginners – An introduction to our productivity course of lessons

Computer Software Discs

Introduction to Productivity Software

Our next computer course for beginners is all about being productive with your computer and productive software. You may have completed some of our other free computer lessons for basic computer training or you may be looking to get more productive with your computer by understanding how to use the software available, if so our next series of computer lessons for seniors and beginners will run through the Microsoft Office Suite of computer programmes. The computer lessons will run through in a step by step guide how to use Microsoft Office Word, a word processor programme, explains how to use Excel, a spreadheet application and Microsoft PowerPoint a presentation programme.

The courses of computer lessons are particularly useful for those looking to improve their computer skills and learn Office Word for work or Excel for work.

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Computer courses for beginners – Word tutorials – The layout

Office Word Layout

Office Word Layout

The next of our computer courses for beginners and seniors takes a look at productivity and we start with Word tutorials, how to use Microsoft Office Word. This computer lesson demonstrates the layout of Microsoft word, because when you break down the layout and understand how Microsoft Word is arranged it becomes a lot easier to use.

In this word tutorial we demonstrate how the Ribbon is broken down into the three basic elements, Tabs, Groups and Commands. The tutorial then goes on to look at the home tab and the file tab, talking about the Microsoft Office button for those using word 2007, as the online computer lessons about Microsoft Office Word are shown using Microsoft Office Word 2010 but any differences with Word 2007 are pointed out. Read the rest of this entry »

Computer courses for beginners – Word tutorials – Tabs and Commands

Word Tutorials - Tabs and Commands

Word Tutorials – Tabs and Commands

The next of our Word Tutorials continues our computer courses for beginners and seniors with a computer lesson about the tabs and commands on the Microsoft Office Word Ribbon. The tutorial follows on from the previous computer lesson about the layout of Microsoft office word 2010 and 2007 by demonstating the other Tabs along the Office Word ribbon. Key commands are pointed out on each tab and we also demonstrate that information about commands is easily available when moving your computer mouse. Read the rest of this entry »

Office Word tutorials – Creating a simple flyer with word

Word Tutorials - Creating a simple flyer

Word Tutorials – Creating a simple flyer

In the next of our Microsoft Office Word tutorials we show how to create a simple flyer using word. This computer lesson for seniors and beginners is part of our word computer course and starts to demonstrate how easy it is to create pieces of work with a little planning and an understanding of the Office Word commands.

The computer lesson demonstrates how to make a flyer by producing a lost cat poster. We start with a simple bit of text which, using the word commands, we change by altering the font type, creating a title, headings and changing the font size. The online word tutorial demonstrates how to select text for altering and uses some basic word commands before running a spell check and sending the flyer for printing and saving. Read the rest of this entry »

Office word tutorials – Mini toolbar Quick access toolbar and help button

Office word tutorials - Toolbars

Office word tutorials – Toolbars

Microsoft Office Word Tutorials

We continue our Office Word Tutorials for seniors and beginners with a short computer lesson about the mini toolbar, quick access toolbar and help button, this is part of our computer courses for beginners. The computer lesson demonstrates what the mini toolbar is and how to use it, shows the quick access toolbar and points out the office word help button. The online tutorial also shows how to customize the quick access toolbar in different ways. Read the rest of this entry »