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World Wide Web – Changing the Browser Home Page in Internet Explorer – Senior Tutorials

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Online tutorials for seniors and beginners

Continuing with our free basic computer training, the next one of our online tutorials for seniors and beginners will demonstrate how to change your home page using Internet Explorer 8. There are three main ways to change the home page, this is the page that your browser will start on when you first go on to the internet, called your home page. We have already demonstrated by changing our home page to Google as home page, but any web page can be set as your home page, although Google is probably the most common. The online computer lesson will demonstrate differnt commands from the control panel and on your browser helping beginners find their way around their computer.

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World Wide Web – Internet Explorer the Basics – Seniors Online Tutorial

Seniors online tutorial explore the internet

Plug in and explore the internet

This seniors and beginners online tutorial explains the basics of the most common web browser, Internet Explorer 8. Using Internet Explorer 8 for many people is their first click on to the world wide web and this beginners online tutorial points out they main icons and buttons used with Internet Explorer 8, enabling you to enjoy a better browsing experience.

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How to remove toolbar from Internet Explorer

Written February 13th, 2014

Internet-ExplorerHow to remove toolbar from Internet Explorer

This is a guide regarding how you can get rid of the toolbar from internet explorer.

Odds are, you have had this experience: you were not really focusing on every one of the small checkboxes and small print any time you ended up installing a computer program, and the next time you launched your internet browser, you discovered that you, like numerous other people before you, had unintentionally added the search toolbar.

The video below will give you a step by step instruction on how to remove the toolbar.

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How To Customize Your Windows 8 Internet Explorer Home Page

Written January 30th, 2014

Restore_IE10_Metro_on_Start_Screen-1How To Customize Your Windows 8 Internet Explorer Home Page

In this video, we will discuss how customize your Windows 8 Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 8 is the upcoming release of the world’s most famous internet browser that has been developed from the ground up to be the very best internet browser for the way people today really use the Internet. Quicker, easier and more secure than ever before, Internet Explorer 8 increases programmer and end-user experiences to offer a window to the Internet of online products and services. Furthermore, Internet Explorer 8 provides fresh features and functionality that allows people today to reach beyond the page in a number of quicker, easier, and more secure ways.  Internet Explorer 8 enables you to quickly set or modify your browser’s home page. You can also create multiple home pages, known as home page tabs.


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Internet Explorer for Windows 8 Tutorial

Written January 10th, 2014

start-internet-explorerInternet Explorer for Windows 8 Tutorial

The video teaches us about Internet Explorer for Windows 8.

A Internet browser that made its first appearance in 1995 as Microsoft’s reply to Netscape, one of the very first visual-structured Internet browsers and, at the time, the dominating internet browser in use with command of more than 90 percent of the market.

Primarily known as Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE), Internet Explorer (IE) has very long kept the label of most well-known internet browser in use, in spite of solid competitors from the likes of Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, Opera and Google Chrome.

Internet Explorer has gotten much advertising for many network security holes that have been uncovered in the past, but Internet Explorer continues to be the most famous Internet browser in use globally.

Beginning with Windows 8, Internet Explorer offers one internet system that helps two browsing experiences: Internet Explorer in the brand-new Windows UI that is enhanced for touch systems, and the comfortable browsing experience of Internet Explorer for the desktop computer. By realizing the variations among the two, coders can use the exact same HTML5 markup to develop rich, fascinating internet sites that will work in either experiences on Windows 8 and above.

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